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Growing Home Capital Campaign The Cross, a publication of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Redmond, WA
Volume 1 (September 2015)
Holy Cross, Redmond, WA

Table of Contents

Calendar of Events

October 25
All-Church Bible Study

October 1-November 15
Enrichment Gatherings

November 1
Sunday School Art Day

November 7
Prayer Vigil

November 21
Advance Commitments Event

December 5
All-Church Banquet
and Children’s Party

December 6
Commitment Sunday

January 24, 2016
Celebration Sunday!

Growing Home

Published by
The Episcopal Church of the
Holy Cross

11526 – 162nd Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Edited by Barb Fraley

Technical assistance by Chris Fraley


Holy Cross is “Growing Home”

Over the past eight years, the members of Holy Cross have taken part in two capital campaigns and subsequent building phases. The Raising the Roof campaign allowed us to lay all of the underground infrastructure for possible future builds, and allowed us to build new and improved parking areas. Growing Inside Out raised the funds to renovate our worship space, build our new Fellowship Hall, and tie our buildings together.

And now, we are ready to undertake a capital stewardship campaign to finish the work. With God’s guidance and your support, we are Growing Home at Holy Cross in the following ways:

  • We will retire debt incurred during the Growing Inside Out building phase. The pledges raised didn’t quite cover the actual costs of construction. A number of parishioners very generously covered these costs with bridge loans totaling approximately $300,000. Let’s move into the future debt free!

  • We will put the finishing touches on the building. Floor treatments, baseboards, furniture and fixtures will be included.

  • Wear and tear happens. So let’s put some funds aside for deferred maintenance of our buildings.

  • We will grow into our enlarged space by funding future staffing and program expansion possibilities.

  • And we must remember the ministry, fellowship, and outreach that occurs week in and week out through Holy Cross, both on and off the property. Growing Home encourages us to increase our commitment toward the financial support of the church.

The Growing Home campaign is the culmination of many years of generosity, sacrifice, and hard work by the entire congregation. Plan to participate by saying “yes” when invited to participate in the programs and activities being planned. We’re on the finishing stretch; let’s Grow Home together!


Growing Home Campaign Leadership Team

The Campaign Leadership Team is made up of volunteers all members of Holy Cross who have committed to help make a reality the mission and ministry of our church through paying off the debt on our new facilities and providing for our growing programs .

The Campaign Leadership Team, chaired by Lauren Thomas, is made up of various sub-committees. The committees are many as described below:

Advance Commitments: This committee’s work is to encourage early sacrificial gifts and set a leadership tone for the campaign. Co-Directors: David and Sherri Nichols

Audio-Visual: This committee will produce an audio-visual presentation which will be shown at the Enrichment Gatherings during the month of October. Co-Directors: Kurt and Jill Nellis

Banquet: This committee is organizing the All-Church Banquet which will take place on Saturday, December 5. This festive event will provide a parish-wide opportunity for inspirational Christian fellowship and information about our Growing Home Campaign as it enters its final weeks. Co-Directors: Joan Dietrich and Anne Schutz

Bible Study: This committee will encourage parishioners to increase the amount of time they spend in Bible study. Director: Susan Hansen

Children & Youth: A number of activities are planned for the children and youth in our congregation. In addition to a special Bible study being held on October 25, an art project will be done on November 1 and a children’s party will take place during the All-Church Banquet on December 5.

Commitment Visits: This group will conduct follow-up visits with members of the congregation who have not made financial commitments by Commitment Sunday, December 6. Director: Marty Smith

Continuation: This group will continue to monitor the fund-raising efforts long after the initial campaign has ended. They will conduct follow-up throughout the three years of the capital stewardship program and introduce new members to stewardship opportunities. Director: Clyde Davis

Enrichment Gatherings: These are small group gatherings in the homes of members of the church. The Enrichment Gatherings will take place between Thursday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 28. These gatherings are an opportunity for fellowship and conversation, and a forum for asking questions about our building plans.

Hospitality: This group is working to assure maximum attendance at the All-Church Banquet, and will be taking reservations and assisting with hospitality at the banquet. Co-Directors: Kari Primeau and Lynn Ray

Planned Giving: This group is creating a Planned Giving Program for the congregation that will continue to offer giving opportunities after our three-year capital stewardship program has ended. They are creating a strategy for obtaining donations that come from wills, trusts, investment real estate, life insurance policies, stocks and bonds, and strategies to ensure that all contributions received are managed wisely. Co-Directors: David and Robyn Hutchinson

Prayer Vigil: A prayer vigil will be held on Saturday, November 7. This committee is organizing this event and will be providing prayer request cards to parishioners so that they can submit requests. Prayers offered at this time are for all people and circumstances known to Holy Cross’s congregation.

Promotions: This committee is charged with producing newsletters and the campaign booklet, publicizing campaign events and opportunities within the congregation, and working with other committees to produce needed publications and support materials. Director: Barb Fraley

Resource: This is the logistics committee of the campaign. Members of this committee support all the committees, providing the logistics for mailings, room arrangements, filling special requests, making sure meetings are announced, and in general being a helping hand to all. Director: Carmella Wolfgang, Parish Administrator


Attend an Enrichment Gathering

One definition of the word enrich is “to make fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding.” That is the goal of this series of small gatherings: to provide information, conversation and inspiration so that every participant’s experience of the Growing Home stewardship campaign may be full, meaningful, and rewarding.

The gatherings will give members of Holy Cross an opportunity to learn about the goals for the campaign, to ask questions and make comments. Participants will not be asked to make a financial commitment during the gatherings. Instead, it is hoped that everyone attending will leave with a clearer sense of Holy Cross’s mission and its ministries.

The Enrichment Gatherings program is an ambitious project intended to involve every member of the Holy Cross family. They will take place from Thursday, October 1 through Sunday, November 15, and are being scheduled at a number of locations and times so that you may choose a time and place that is convenient. You can sign-up in the Fellowship Hall.

A member of the campaign team will be at each of the gatherings to show a short DVD presentation which explains the church’s mission and ministries, and the Growing Home goals. The presentation will be followed by plenty of time for questions and conversation.

The entire Campaign Leadership Team invites you to participate in these gatherings, so that you can be informed about the current needs of the church and have a part in shaping our dreams for the future.


Living Our Faith: A Stewardship Bible Study Series

What does the Bible say about stewardship? Is stewardship a necessary part of living our Christian faith? What are the spiritual blessings of stewardship...and just what does stewardship mean, anyway? Adult Formation and the Growing Home Capital Campaign invite you to explore these and other questions during a three-week Bible Study series on faith and stewardship. The studies will take place after the 10 o’clock service. Because each week is a stand-alone lesson, during which we will read and discuss short Bible passages, we encourage you to attend any/all of the dates that are possible for you.

September 27th Living Our Faith: Walking with God

October 11th Living Our Faith: Sacrificial Giving

October 18th Living Our Faith: How Much is Enough


Food For Thought

The Widow’s Offering – Luke 21:1-4

1 As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. 2 He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. 3“I tell you the truth,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 4All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

1) In what way did the widow in the text give more than all the others?

2) What is more important—a gift’s monetary value, or its sacrificial value?

3) Have you ever asked God in prayer to guide you in making an offering, or a pledge commitment?

4) What would happen if we all prayed about our gifts and followed scripture?


Advance Commitment Event

A special event will be held for those parishioners who wish to start the momentum by making their commitments to the Growing Home campaign in advance of Commitment Sunday (December 6).

Join us for wine and hors d’oeuvres the evening of Saturday, November 21st at the Alexandria Nicole Cellars at Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville. For more information, contact Sherri and David Nichols (consult the Parish Directory for thier email or phone number, or call or email the church office to request their contact information).


All-Church Banquet

Save the date of Saturday, December 5th and plan to celebrate the Growing Home campaign with our church family at an All-Church Banquet in our new Fellowship Hall.

Gather together with drinks and hors d’oeuvres at 5 p.m. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. Activities will be provided for the kids. Watch the mail for your invitation!


Campaign Team Photo

Our Campaign Team, between services on Holy Cross Day:

Fr. Jim Eichner, Sherry & David Nichols, Robyn Hutchinson, Lauren Thomas, David Hutchinson, Susan Hansen, Marty Smith, Kari Primeau, Clyde Davis, Barb Fraley, Joan Dietrich.

Not pictured: Kurt & Jill Nellis, Anne Schutz, Lynn Ray


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