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  Monday, October 23, 2017

The Book Club,

Hosted by various church members meeting at a different home each Second Tuesday of the Month for pithy animated discussions about the month’s select read.

Tuesday, September 12th @ 7:00pm

This fall we’re starting off the year with a biography of Winston Churchill, Hero of the Empire by Candice Millard. She also wrote the biography of President Garfield (Destiny of the Republic) and President Theodore Roosevelt (River of Doubt).

This biography focuses on The early 20’s of Churchill. At the age of twenty-four, Winston Churchill was utterly convinced it was his destiny to become prime minister of England. He arrived in South Africa in 1899, valet and crates of vintage wine in tow, to cover the brutal colonial war the British were fighting with Boer rebels and jumpstart his political career. But just two weeks later, Churchill was taken prisoner. Remarkably, he pulled off a daring escape—traversing hundreds of miles of enemy territory, alone, with nothing but a crumpled wad of cash, four slabs of chocolate, and his wits to guide him. Our hostess this month is Dianne Commo. New members always welcome…it’s a great way to get to know other women of the church! Please RSVP so Dianne(in the directory).

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