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  Sunday, August 19, 2018

Flu Shots - Once a year in the Fall, Flu Shots are available.

(Stay tune for future date) (after the 10:00am service in the Youth Room of the office.)

Fight the Flu!

Flu shots will be given at Holy Cross on Sunday September 17 after the 10:00 service. Visiting Nurses will bill insurance companies.

Shots are $30 cash or check for those without insurance. Preservative free and quadrivalent vaccines are available for an additional fee*. Flu vaccines may be given to children four years old and older.

So come help to fight the flu and get a lollypop too!

* “The preservative free, which we offer to pregnant women, is $35.00. There is a Quadrivalent which covers 1 additional strain for $40.00. The Quadrivalent is not covered by all insurances, and we only offer it on request. We would need to know in advance if you want that available and how many you would want.”

Questions or to sign up - Contact: Linda Wheadon - ldwheadon@gmail.com - #425-402-7313.

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