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  Saturday, November 17, 2018

Food Bank Farm - when I was hungry, YOU fed me ~ Jesus

Food Bank Farm awarded 2017 Donor of the Year by Food Lifeline

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We are acting to end hunger in the Pacific Northwest by growing fresh produce for area food banks.

With your help, we aim to raise a million pounds of nutritious fresh produce for area food banks by 2021.

To date we have delivered to food banks: one half-million pounds of produce—valued at three-quarters of a million dollars.

Too coordinate your group event at Food Bank Farm, contact Jim Eichner 425-223-7249

Map & Directions Our fields are located at Chinook Farms, Snohomish, WA. Across from Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm

Thank you, to the following partners, for your help with the 2018 season:

Girl Scouts, Boy & Cub Scouts, Many Church groups, Home Schoolers, Bear Creek Christian School, Big Picture School, Monroe High School Horticulture Program, Bellevue College Bulldogs Softball team, Allstate, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Liberty Mutual, Astronics, SAP-Concur, United Way of King County, Hope Link, Maltby Food Bank, Snohomish Conservation District, Food Lifeline, Northwest Harvest, Sno-Valley Farms, Bailey Vegetable Farm, Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm, and Chinook Farms.

History Growing food for food banks

Year Volunteers Pounds/Produce Servings Value Retail
2011 12 3,750 5,000 $5,625
2012 140 16,285 65,140 $24,428
2013 400 98,000 392,000 $147,000
2014 700+ 111,440 457,760 $167,160
2015 900+ 137,276 549,104 $205,914
2016 1000+ 152,866 611,464 $229,299
2017 1400+ 180,000 720,000 $270,000
To Date 5552+ 699,617 2,800,468 $1,049,426
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